Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Book Review of A-Day by Nadine NIghtingale

My Review:
A-Day is by far the best read of my entire year so I will have a lot to say in this blog post! First of all the story line is in post apocolyptic america and the main character goes through so much internal emotinoal turmoil when she watches her mother be buried alive by order of the current leader, Pierce. I fell in love with the entire story from the first page. The emotions stirred within the reader throughout the entire story is huge. This is a five-star, action-packed, suitable for most ages, amazing dystopian novel. Nightingale writes one hell of a riveting story so pick up your copy while its free on Amazon. Take a minute to check out other books by Nadine while your there she is incredibly talented and sets quite a scene in her stories. Five star read all the way!

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