Sunday, 14 May 2017

Blog Review of Bite Series Written by Ella Price


Ella Price starts the book with fierce momentum and action. I fell in love with Elise even though she has a promiscuous nature about her. I fell in love with the main character among many others throughout reading all three of the books. Ella did an amazing job creating likeable characters, mystery, action, and lots of hot SEX. Yes this book is filled with adult content, and so nicely written into the story. Each encounter in the book is mind blowing. I have enjoyed books by this author in the past and she has always delivered, this time being no different. I give all three book a solid five star rating and also recommend them highly. They are the perfect read if you enjoy sexy scenes and sexy vampires. What's the great part you ask? Book one is completely free!!! Grab your copy below!!!

Book 2

Book 3

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Indecent Temptations:

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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Check out the new Good Reads Author Page of one of our OWN

Debut Novel is releasing in the next few weeks, follow her on Goodreads, and add Ivy to your to read list!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Cover Reveal

(¸.•´ (¸.•` ჌COVER REVEAL 
If i wasn't her student, it would be 
Game On 
Author: S C Daiko 
#coverreveal #YA #sportsromance
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There was only one thing I wanted in life: to play professional rugby.
I lived and breathed it.
Until I met Beth. 
She’s beautiful, sweet, and so incredibly sexy . . . but she’s out of bounds.
Beth wants me, I know she does, and I want her.
If I wasn’t her student it would be game on.
There was only one thing I wanted in life: to be a good teacher.
And I was.
Until I met Ryan.
He held me against his hard body on a hot Ibiza night, and I lost myself to him.
Six months later, he’s in my Spanish class… what I feel for him is totally against the rules.
Soon rugby isn’t the only game Ryan is playing.
But when his past catches up with him, and everything starts to go wrong . . . will it be game over for the two of us?

Monday, 30 January 2017

Review of After You're Death by Cary Allen Stone

Blog Review of After your Dead by Carey Allan Stone

My Review:

I have been fortunate enough to own, and have read all of this authors books. I particularily loved this book because with any series, I usually don't love going passed 3 or 4 books, but this author is able to keep the reader involved and in suspense the entire way through! I gave it a solid 5 star amazon review under pen name sharra, and was well deserved.

Amazon Blub:

Jake tries to find peace from losing Caitland and spends time with his dog “Katy” in his residence hidden in the picturesque mountains of Sedona. But trouble finds Jake again when an old friend knocks on his door. A powerful drug lord kidnapped Pablo’s wife, Alana, to force him to comply with the narcotrafficker’s demands. The man who will kill Alana is a depraved, psychopathic serial killer. He is also the father of Mackenzy who murdered Jake’s Caitland. Will Jake risk everything, including his life, to help Pablo get Alana back?

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