Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Dork# 3 Twin Wars Cover Reveal book by Haley Allison

A celebrity feud like never before...

Coming November 1, 2016

TWIN WARS (D.O.R.K. Series #3)
By Haley Allison
Cover Design by Rock Your World Designs
*Special thanks to Ashley at Redbird Designs for help with series continuity*
Synopsis by Sara Schoen of Stolen Glances Promotions
Stock Photos via Adobe Stock & Big Stock Photo

Madison Daley has grown to hate the drama that Beverly Hills and family come with…

After Madison's long-lost twin sister, Raven Redinger, staged a double heartbreak video for the sake of publicity, she lost Madison's trust and instigated an all-out feud...
or is it a war?

Each sister is willing to do anything to finish the other for good. Raven wants to crush Madison and take everything away from her, while Madison wants to stop Raven’s reign of terror, even if she
has to stoop to her level to do it.

Raven isn’t done making Madison’s life a living hell…

Now Madison is caught in a whirlwind of secrets, revenge, and heartache. The only bright spot in her life is  Logan Caldwell, the guy she loves, but Raven has managed to manipulate everyone in Madison’s life. Can she manage to take Logan away from her too?

Turns out keeping a diary was Madison's biggest mistake, but she's not the type of girl to back down without a fight. This rivalry is far from over, and while Raven may have won a few battles, Madison is determined to win the war.

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Have you read book 1?
Imagine growing up on a farm homeschooled, isolated, and alone…
Then your whole life changes because of a YouTube video.
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