Thursday, 29 September 2016

One NIght Only Blog Review

One Night OnlyOne Night Only by Abby Gale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this book in a short amount of time as it is a novella and received an arc copy for review so this will be spoiler free! I thought the author built really great characters, and a really intense story line. I only wished it was a longer story, but don't feel as though it lacked anything there was a few clerical errors and that's to be expected in arc copies of books so I wasn't put off in any way by them. This book focuses on a girl with terminal cancer and was both inspiring and moving!! I gave it a 4 star rating and really loved it and will be recommending to my friends! I have a very strict rating scale and I would for all technical purposes give this book 4.5 stars but that isn't given as an option on the rating scale 4 will have to do. I really loved Ashton what a great character he was and hope to see him in a future series from this author in a full length book wich is the half star loss I just wanted more because the author really made me fall in love with the characters and I wanted to read more about them Ashton is a perfect book boyfriend and his character still lingers in my brain! This is a small book and a really short read yet it came full circle and I don't feel like it didn't conclude completely wich is always my fear with novellas. Great work by Abby Gale!

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Amazon Blurb:
Life is a struggle… 

In the ugly web of illness and pain, every breath I take is a fight to carry on and every doctor visit is another reason to give up.

Love is impossible… 

With the bravery afforded me by the knowledge of my limited time, pride has lost its importance. A sensuous touch equals escape and surrender, but also sweet, precious agony.

One Night Only… 

A single message is the only thing that matters. A single message that can alter his life forever and erase my pain.

One Night Only... we trade the pain to create a memory of a lifetime.

One Night Only is a stand-alone novella based on a true story

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