Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Blog Review of The Oath by Apryl Baker

My Review:
I fell so hard for this book! I love witches and enjoy a clean read now and then, and this had both and of course some sweet men Xavier and Sebastian are both so wonderful I really enjoyed everything about this book can't wait to see what comes next for Apryl Baker this was a solid 5 star book!

She killed herself.

Everyone asked why, but when I got my hands on my sister's diary, I understood exactly why.

I stared at the girl in the mirror as I removed my nose ring. Gone was the black hair, replaced by golden blonde locks that made my sapphire blue eyes shine and my California sun-kissed skin glow. The Goth chic clothes had been put away and I wore a pink tank top and a pair of khaki colored Capri’s. Stylish sandals completed the outfit. I wanted to barf.

The snotty little would-be witches would pay for what they'd done. By the end of the week, they’d all be praying to whatever god they worshipped to hide them from the hell coming for them.

May the Fates have mercy upon them, because they would pay the same price they’d demanded of her.

Their lives.

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