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Book Review of A-Day by Nadine NIghtingale

My Review:
A-Day is by far the best read of my entire year so I will have a lot to say in this blog post! First of all the story line is in post apocolyptic america and the main character goes through so much internal emotinoal turmoil when she watches her mother be buried alive by order of the current leader, Pierce. I fell in love with the entire story from the first page. The emotions stirred within the reader throughout the entire story is huge. This is a five-star, action-packed, suitable for most ages, amazing dystopian novel. Nightingale writes one hell of a riveting story so pick up your copy while its free on Amazon. Take a minute to check out other books by Nadine while your there she is incredibly talented and sets quite a scene in her stories. Five star read all the way!

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Hell Yeah! Kindle World

Presented by Sable Hunter

Connected by blood ties and bonds of friendship, the Hell Yeah! world chronicles the lives and loves of a family of Texas men and women, the McCoys, who live by the code of the cowboy. Adventure, unabashed sexual tension and tender intimacy plays out in a saga of stories that offer action and humor, all set in scenic locales from the Hill Country of Texas to the mysterious bayous of Louisiana. The plots of the tales are as varied as our own lives can be, but the world is one where right prevails, love conquers all, and holding out for a hero is not an impossible dream.



Good Enough

She's from the wrong side of the tracks. He has a past she might not understand.

Mira Featherston knows her place in life and itís not with Jake Remington. Rich guys play on the wrong side of the tracks but they donít bring girls like her home to mama. Since Mira has no expectations beyond the moment, she doesnít mind playing though. And she loves toying with the bad boy lawyeróuntil it gets her into trouble with her boss, Heath McCoy.
Jake Remington is a wealthy Texas cowboy whose family land borders the McCoy Highlands ranch, although he now practices law and lives in Kentucky. Heís back to settle a land dispute between his parents and neighboring ranchers, and the McCoys. He plans to take care of business and get the hell out of Dodge before he gets himself into trouble. Again.
Because trouble for Jake always comes in the form of a Texas beauty he canít keep his hands off. The last temptation ended up with a lawsuit. But when he bumps into Mira coming out of his hotel room at Heath McCoyís resort, keeping his hands off the hotel maid is impossible.
Heís fascinated by Mira. But with his past reputation, is he good enough for her?

Good Enough, Maddie James


One Night Behind Bars


Instead of marrying the man of her dreams, bride-to-be Jeannie Hall spends the night behind bars accused of domestic terrorism. Her groom loses no time marrying someone else. As if this isnít enough, when sheís cleared of the charges and released, she becomes the target of a vengeful person, and the stakes keep getting higher.
Deputy Hank Walker knows the beautiful woman is innocent, but he was forced to do his duty. Determined to find out who set her up, he starts digging deeper and vows to protect the woman who had stolen his heart.
Master matchmaker Draikoh San arranges for Jeannie and Hank to have a night to remember, but when a killer comes after them, will the two lovebirds end up wearing body bags or wedding rings?

Love Transcends

Can their love transcend the test of time?

A song haunts Tim Perrot. Strumming it on the guitar, singing it in his head. Each time, it brings visions of a past life, lost love. Working hard, trying to build a better life than the trailer park he grew up in. But it's hard to shake the looks of pity and disgust from the stuck up rich families he works for.
Juliette Charbeaux's family used to rule New Orleans. Having some of the oldest blood lines in the town, and coming from real French Royalty, the Princess of New Orleans doesn't know how she'll survive the fall of their riches. Upon hearing the sad song from that trailer park boy working their lawn, she's shook with visions of the past.
Can their love transcend the test of time and reunite these lost lovers?

Love Transcends by Nicole Kuhn


His Cowboy Heart

A twist of Texas fate leads to the romance of a lifetime.
by Kandi Silvers

Single dad Riley Marx has his ranch, horses and family with no room in his life for a woman, until Miranda Combs becomes his son's teacher. Sure, the lady is hotter than hell and everyone in town is taken with her, but Rileyís been down that road before and was left with nothing but heartache and broken dreams.
Miranda Combs loves her new job in Texas and adores her students, even if one of them is intent on setting her up with his dad. Too bad the cowboyís gruff demeanor makes him difficult to get to knowóoutside the bedroom. She firmly believes she isnít made for a relationship and it is best to focus on her career and the great sex.
Neither Miranda nor Riley has had luck with love. Sometimes though, fate puts two people right where they need to be when the time is perfect for another chance at love and the life they could only dream of having.

His Cowboy Heart by Kandi Silvers


Cowboy Born, Cowboy Bred

Freedom or family? Only love can make the choice.
by D'Ann Lindon

Photographer Alannah Murphy refuses to be tied down. She watched her parents struggle to hold onto their dairy farm until it killed them. The mere thought of the same fate makes her shudder. When she meets rancher Sterling Gentry she has to face her fears, or lose him.
Sterling Gentry longs for someone to hand down his ranch to. Like his father before him, he has sacrificed everything to hold onto the land his ancestors settled. But finding Ms. Right proves harder than he imagined. Then he meets Alannah Murphy with her big city ways. How he can ever take a chance with a woman exactly like his mother who abandoned him when he was a child?
Despite their determination to stay the course theyíve each chosen, attraction pulls them together as steadily as a nail to a magnet. Can these two find a way to mesh Alannahís need for freedom and Gentryís desire to hold onto his land?

Cowboy Born, Cowboy Bred by D'Ann Lindon


Dust on the Bottle

Freedom or family? Only love can make the choice.
by Lori King

Freelance Photographer Monica McCray has one goal, never pass up an adventure. Coming to Crawley Creek Ranch, she finds one.
Kyler DeWittís inner demons are close to killing him. Booze and self-pity leave him a ticking time-bomb.
When these two forces collide, a passion like no other ignites. Now Monica realizes the adventure she wants includes North Dakota roots, but will she be enough to keep Kyler grounded or will she be just like the dust on one of his bottles?

Dust on the Bottle by Lori King

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Blog Review of Bite Series Written by Ella Price


Ella Price starts the book with fierce momentum and action. I fell in love with Elise even though she has a promiscuous nature about her. I fell in love with the main character among many others throughout reading all three of the books. Ella did an amazing job creating likeable characters, mystery, action, and lots of hot SEX. Yes this book is filled with adult content, and so nicely written into the story. Each encounter in the book is mind blowing. I have enjoyed books by this author in the past and she has always delivered, this time being no different. I give all three book a solid five star rating and also recommend them highly. They are the perfect read if you enjoy sexy scenes and sexy vampires. What's the great part you ask? Book one is completely free!!! Grab your copy below!!!


Book 2


Book 3


****Other Free Books by Ella**************

Fae Series

Vanilla Book 1

Misty Moon Book 1

The Dark Love Vampire Series

Lillian Rayne Book 1

The Vampire's Possesion

Lover's Bite Book 1

Indecent Temptations:

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Check out the new Good Reads Author Page of one of our OWN


Debut Novel is releasing in the next few weeks, follow her on Goodreads, and add Ivy to your to read list!

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Cover Reveal

(¸.•´ (¸.•` ღCOVER REVEAL 
If i wasn't her student, it would be 
Game On 
Author: S C Daiko 
#coverreveal #YA #sportsromance
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Synopsis ↓
There was only one thing I wanted in life: to play professional rugby.
I lived and breathed it.
Until I met Beth. 
She’s beautiful, sweet, and so incredibly sexy . . . but she’s out of bounds.
Beth wants me, I know she does, and I want her.
If I wasn’t her student it would be game on.
There was only one thing I wanted in life: to be a good teacher.
And I was.
Until I met Ryan.
He held me against his hard body on a hot Ibiza night, and I lost myself to him.
Six months later, he’s in my Spanish class… what I feel for him is totally against the rules.
Soon rugby isn’t the only game Ryan is playing.
But when his past catches up with him, and everything starts to go wrong . . . will it be game over for the two of us?

Monday, 30 January 2017

Review of After You're Death by Cary Allen Stone

Blog Review of After your Dead by Carey Allan Stone

My Review:

I have been fortunate enough to own, and have read all of this authors books. I particularily loved this book because with any series, I usually don't love going passed 3 or 4 books, but this author is able to keep the reader involved and in suspense the entire way through! I gave it a solid 5 star amazon review under pen name sharra, and was well deserved.

Amazon Blub:

Jake tries to find peace from losing Caitland and spends time with his dog “Katy” in his residence hidden in the picturesque mountains of Sedona. But trouble finds Jake again when an old friend knocks on his door. A powerful drug lord kidnapped Pablo’s wife, Alana, to force him to comply with the narcotrafficker’s demands. The man who will kill Alana is a depraved, psychopathic serial killer. He is also the father of Mackenzy who murdered Jake’s Caitland. Will Jake risk everything, including his life, to help Pablo get Alana back?

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Friday, 16 December 2016

Blog Review of Darkness Within Written By Isabel Lucero

Tiffany's latest read:
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Darkness Within by Isabel Lucero
The moment it happens, everything in me changes.
Imagine somebody was able to fit inside of your body. Their arms are the same length as yours. You’re both the same height. Everything is exactly the same. Now imagine that person not being a person at all. That thing inside of you is a shadow. Darkness. A silhouette of you, only living on the inside of your body. It doesn’t have a conscious. It doesn’t have a heart. Nothing within that darkness is remotely human. Its only goal is to take over your body. It fights against your muscles. It tries breaking through the skin. It wants to replace you. That’s what it feels like when the darkness that lives inside me starts trying to get out.
I feel it happening. The pressure builds. My skin prickles. And the only thing that tames it, getting it back to resting peacefully inside me, is to unleash it. I have to let it wreak havoc, and I quite enjoy the mayhem.
Analeigh Price comes into my life and does the one thing I hate; question me about my past. She can pretend she wants to get to know me all she wants, but she’s not ready for the truth. I won’t become a better person for her, because I am who I am. She can't fix me, because my wounds are unfixable.
You see, I’m not like everybody else. Oh, no. I’m different. My humanity was stripped from me long ago, and those who are responsible are about to be paid a visit. You’ve never heard a story like mine, because I’m unlike anyone you’ve ever met. I’m no hero. I’m the guy you don’t want to piss off, because once the darkness within me is unleashed, it’ll be too late to get away.
What’s my name? It’s Donovan. Donovan James. But the darkness is taking over, and it’s only good at one thing, so I must go.
Tiff's 5 star review:

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